Monday, 13 February 2017

Planning for Long ride (Leh), how to stay fit

If you are planning for long ride, plan your route and stops. Regular stops are very important. Always carry bottles of water. But make sure you don't stop for long time. Roads are longer than what we think. 

Don't drive too fast as it will exhaust you, since you need lot of concentration and you will not be able to enjoy the views around you.

As a rider you need to be physically and mentally fit and stable. Here I will talk on how to be physically fit since physical fatigue leads to mental lapses.

For high-performance riding, on road or off, you'll need strong legs, core, back, and shoulders. You need to work on those things by doing excises and cross training's.

Have some gadgets which will track your distance, speed, heart rate these things will help to motivate. Over period of time you should be able to do better and while riding feel good.


For a rider strength, durability, endurance, flexibility are the vital aspects. Excises will help you to improve in these aspects and train to improve the heart rate. For a motogp rider the average heart rate will be 185bpm which will last for 45 minutes.
I will only list the names of the excises and try to share some links which will help on know how to do. If you can join yoga then it is great it will help in all aspects of the body.


Swimming will help you build all parts of the body. This will also  help to improve your breathing. If you don't swimming don't bother join some coaching classes where they will teach you basics and later you can practice and improve on this. I did learn a lot of swimming from youtube. There are videos from livestrong and Here I am not promoting any website.


Cycling will help in strengthening the thigh so do regularly if you can cycle to office then try taking 1-2 days to office.


Do run for at least 45 mins without stopping. Initially you might not be able to achieve this if you are tired running walk in between and run again. Don't bother about the distance. Don't run everyday do it alternate days. This will help to concentrate and Strengthen the legs as strength in the legs is important for a rider.  Don't over do as this will cause problems to knees.

In my next post I will talk about how to ride with less pain in long journey. Please read the next post.  Next

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